It's Time to Start Doing Words Differently

The stories we tell literally make the world. If you want to change the world, you need to change your story. This truth applies both to individuals and institutions.
— Michael Margolis, Anthropologist & Educator

I think you’ve got a brilliant idea ready for action.

But have you noticed how hard it is to put a vision into words? When it comes time to write, it can be a painstaking ordeal to describe the soul of your project.

You aren’t alone. Everyone who wants to pursue an idea ends up with a choice of how to share it with others. Most people assume it’s a simple formula: the right buzzwords, a few good photos, and voila! Instant success. (Spoiler: nope.)

Cutting corners on communication might not seem like a big deal, but the lack of an authentic voice matters in the long-term. It’s the thing that will keep you from forming a lasting connection with your audience.

Whether we’re aware or not, words have a profound effect on our prolonged interest. A catchy website might dazzle us on first glance, but what stays with us in the long-term is substance.

My name is Christopher, and I want to help you do words differently.

I’m a storytelling copywriter and content strategist who empowers small businesses, nonprofits, and creative entrepreneurs to cultivate a more thoughtful digital presence.

I’ll help you map out your story in a way that’s original, inspired, and resonant. Together, we’ll develop a tailor-made voice strategy for you, based on words and ideas that reflect who you are and what you care about.

So whether your current website needs a message tune-up, or you’re starting a project from scratch, I’d love to help you to bring newfound clarity and substance to your voice.

Christopher Maier