Digital Solutions for Churches

Designing church websites and strategies to help you engage and connect with your community.

How is your website looking these days?

  • Are people finding your site’s listing when they search online for local churches?

  • Is the outdated look of your site sending mixed signals about what your church is like?

  • Are people able to access it from their mobile device, or is it a headache to navigate?

  • Can a visitor find the information they’re looking for, or does your site confuse rather than enlighten?

  • Does your site unintentionally use insider lingo that feels excluding to newcomers?

Here’s what I do: I’ll redesign your church’s website with new written content, fresh visuals, and an easy-to-follow layout that enables you to better communicate with guests and current members.

The welcome mat just got a whole lot bigger.


The ways we connect are changing. You can now expand your church’s local visibility without a budget for fliers or ads. How? By having a smarter online presence that engages and connects with your community.

I’ll create a new church website for you — one that looks great on smartphones and laptops alike, and full of easy-to-find information that engages and invites people to join you on Sunday mornings.

Being accessible is an act of hospitality.

And there’s never been an easier way to invite guests into the doors of your church.

Your site paints a portrait of life at your church.

A well-designed website highlights the distinctive characteristics of your church body.

This goes beyond a list of creeds and doctrinal statements — what does belonging look like in your community?

Your site can help people find new ways to get involved: weekday Bible studies, small groups, volunteering in different ministries, or serving through outreach programs.

While you’re helping church attendees stay informed about current happenings, you can communicate something essential to prospective guests as well: this church is a place where shared life happens.

Don’t let your church website become a heap of unrelated and unnecessary content — let’s develop a new digital strategy that increases connection instead.

What to expect from a new website project with me:

  • help identifying the unique elements of your church, in order to craft a better digital strategy

  • a revamping of the message you’re broadcasting through your site’s tone and language

  • a visual refresh: logo, aesthetic, imagery, and wording to reflect your distinctiveness

  • a restructuring of the build of your site to avoid clutter and unnecessary information

  • a customized, fresh layout that’s easy to navigate on any electronic device

  • new optimization for your site’s ability to be discovered easily through internet searches

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Are you ready to bring new clarity and connection through your church website?