Hire a Copywriter

Hire a Copywriter


So…how do I begin?

It’s easy to get started. Just share a few details with me — who you are and some basic info about your project. I’ll get back to you with my initial ideas, and we’ll arrange a chat to discuss the scope of the project. If it all sounds good to you, we’ll get your project on the calendar and take care of some quick details with the contract and deposit.

Hold on — is it really that simple?

Yep! Once the first payment has been submitted and the paperwork has been signed, we’re ready to launch. I’ll send you a quick style guide survey that will help me develop some things like tone, voice, visuals, etc. You’ll also pass along any relevant photos, links, or content you’d like to see included into your new site.

Within the first week, I’ll send you a mock-up of your new site. If it looks good to you, we’ll keep at it until it’s complete. If you’d like to see your site go in another direction, we’ll go back to the drawing board until you like what you see.

My prototype site looks great! Now what?

After that? Take off your shoes and kick back while I take care of the heavy lifting. I may check in occasionally to get feedback or clarification from you, but you can relax knowing that your brand-new page is days away from launching.

So, what about prices?

Full-service site design begins at $1750. This includes site design building, custom graphic creation, logo work, creative content templates, social account integration, mailing lists, and ongoing technical support. I’ll even give you a crash-course tutorial so you can easily post blogs and add pictures yourself.

There won’t be anything left for you to scratch your head over or worry about — I’m just a phone call away.

How long does it take to create my website?

Your new website will become my top priority. Once the payment and contract are submitted, and and I receive your answers from the style guide survey, I’ll have your new site functionally sound and ready for viewing within 3-4 weeks. Exact time frames will vary, depending on the swiftness of email replies and timeliness of your submitted content for the page.

What are we waiting for? Let’s do this!

See that button down there? Click it and see what happens!